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Lubrication and Electrical Systems

Lubrication Systems

Bevcorp’s Orsco lubrication system is a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution custom mad to fit your needs.

Customer Benefits and Features

  • Cost effective solution, lubricating more efficiently
  • Greatly reduces oil and grease use, allowing for little waste
  • Easily controlled by PLC and operator interface
  • Stainless steel injectors
  • Stainless steel NEMA 4X encloser
  • Stand-alone unit can be installed by our service team or customer personnel
  • Size options available based on  the size of your machine and lubrication needs
  • Oil and grease  level indicator lights
  • Systems can be fitten with emergency CO2 and air dumps that can be locked out for added safety
  • Durable stainless steel lines that resist corrosion and damage during machine maintenance


Electrical Systems and Upgrades

Electronic Level Control

Bevcorp’s electronic level control package provide key customer benefits including more consistently accurate product fill levels and safe hands-off usage during filler operation.

Customer Benefits and Features

  • Allows safe hands-off operation during filler bowl run mode (charge/flood mode) and CIP mode*
  • Adaptable to all filler types and manufacturers
  • Provides filler bowl level percentage using 4 analong level transducers
  • Cold and hot fill application compatibilities
  • Smooth product transfers from the blender tank avoiding product agitation
  • Adaptable to all methods of product delivery (i.e. pump, pressure vessel, gravity, etc.)
  • Provides filler bowl pressure and temperature using analog transducers
  • Provides ability to monitor all filler bowl I/O points from included HMI
  • Flexibility to include other basic filler PLC* function




Electronic Undercover Gassing System

Bevcorp’s programmable electronic undercover gassing system represents a major advancement over traditional, manual gassing systems that are used to displace air with CO2 or N2 prior to closing and seaming a beverage can. Electronic valves and regulators enable the entire gassing process to be controlled with precise measurement from an HMI or a remote locaiton. Additionally, the electronic system provides feedback in a continuous loop for automatic adjustment, or as random samples for an optional data collection system.

Customer Benefits and Features

  • Full HMI controls for precise, menu-driven management of time, gas pressure and volume
  • Password-protected controls provide security and tamper-deterrence
  • Simplified, menu-driven setup reduces changeover times
  • System errors generate instant alarms to notify operators, or stop production, minimizing wasted product
  • Real time error reports resulting in reduced maintenance and repair times
  • Diffuser provides consistent gas flow during startup and shutdown operations
  • Burst/jog mode allows for charging of single cans for testing or maintenance
  • Standard electronic gasser supplies both single or dual head seamers
  • Smaller footprint, occupying less than half the space
  • Hands-free seamer CIP via convenient HMI controls
  • Designed for both new and retro-fit applications